Schedule for Summer 2017

In July, we will explore 16 to 20 artists from the 19th and 20th century including Miró, Matisse, Kahlo, Kandinsky, Warhol and Klimt. After a brief introduction to their background we will explore their technique and create our own pieces of art inspire by them. Reference book: "Draw Paint Print like the Great Artists" by Marion Deuchars

Week 1: July 25-27
Week 2: Aug. 1- 3
Week 3: Aug. 8-10

August is for Science: GRANDES CIENTIFICOS
In August, we will explore the world around us through hands-on experimentation. Daily questions about the sky, air, liquids, solids and elements interactions will be answered only after experimenting using household and backyard materials. Reference book: "Experimentos para entender el mundo / Experiments to Understand the World" by Javier Fernández Panadero 

Week 4: Aug. 15-17
Week 5: Aug. 22-24
Week 6: Aug. 29-31

Daily Schedule:
  9:00  am  > Start the day outdoors, gardening and free play
10:00  am  > Snack and art or science activity
12:00  pm  > Lunch and independent reading
  1:00  pm   > Outdoor play and sports
  2:00  pm   > Dismissal

Email me if you have any questions or to come visit:


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